Featured Programs

Over the past several years, Pathways to Positive Aging has developed initiatives around political advocacy, health and wellness, transportation, community engagement, intergenerational programs, and senior opportunities.

Afghan Health Promotion Program

The Afghan Elderly Association’s Health Promotion program reaches out to frail Afghan elders in their homes and at the weekly Healthy Aging Program. Learn more

Board & Care

The goal of the Care Improvement Initiative is designed to train Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) owners, administrators, and staff skills needed to improve care to their residents. Learn more

Community Ambassador Program for Seniors

The Community Ambassador Program for Seniors (CAPS), through its trained volunteer ambassadors, builds capacity to serve seniors in their own communities, in their own language, within their own cultural norms, and does so where seniors live, worship, and socialize. Learn more

Healthier Living: Managing Ongoing Health Conditions

The Healthier Living program offers participants effective and practical coping strategies to manage their health conditions. Learn more