Senior Helpline

There are many situations that may indicate an elder is experiencing some difficulty managing this time in their lives. The City of Fremont’s Senior Help Line Coordinator connects seniors, their families, and community members with information about programs and resources available in the Tri City Area, such as health care, legal services, paratransit, meals on wheels, and emergency aid, among others.

The Senior Helpline has multi-lingual capacity in English, Farsi, Spanish, and Mandarin. There is no cost for this referral service. If needed, a staff Care Coordinator will make a home visit with a detailed assessment and offer further help. The City of Fremont Human Services Department offers many additional programs for elders, including:

  • Fremont Senior Center
  • Fremont Paratransit Services
  • Senior Peer Counseling
  • Caregiver Support
  • Mobile Mental Health
  • Travel Clubs
  • Multi Senior Services Program (MSSP)

Contact Information

Senior Help Line: (510) 574-2041

City of Fremont website